Hall-of-Fame Nomination Instructions

The FPGA and Reconfigurable Computing Hall-of-Fame is an ongoing
mechanism to recognize most significant contributions to the field of FPGAs
and Reconfigurable Computing. This builds upon the one-time efforts
(FPGA20, FCCM20, FPL25) to identify the most significant papers in
respective conferences at their 20th or 25th anniversary. It specifically
opens up the field of consideration to all peer-review journal and
conference venues, with a plan to induct a new class into the hall-of-fame
each year.

Eligibility: Any relevant paper published at least 10 years prior to
nomination in any peer-reviewed conference or journal is eligible.
Papers from current members of the selection committee are not elgible
for induction.

Induction criteria: The Hall-of-Fame is generally looking to recognize the
most significant and influential papers that have shaped the field. It is
understood that different papers may impact the field in different ways,
and we leave it open to the nominators to make their case for the specific
impact of the papers they nominate. Some may have a profound impact on
industry, creating new companies and products or changing the tools and
architectures in use. Some may open up new areas of research or solve key
problems. Some may introduce tools and concepts that have enabled
significant progress in the field. Some may articulate key concepts,
theory, and engineering principles in the field clearly for a broad
audience or for expert.

Who may nominate: Anyone may nominate. We will require that you identify yourself and create a hall-of-fame.tcfpga.org account in order to filter out robots and spam. Self-nominations are allowed; since nomination are not
anonymous, everyone will know who made the nomination.

Similarly, anyone who registers for an account may comment on nominations.
We encourage comments to build a more complete picture of the impact of the
nominated paper.

Each year nominations close at the end of August.

Hall-of-fame selection is made by a committee of experts after nominations
close. For full details see Hall-of-Fame Regulations.

You can find the collection of current nominations here.

To make a nomination select the “HoF Nomination” entry under the “+ New” item on the top menu bar or click here.